MachAuto EXPO 2018 in Ludhiana, Indien

Freitag, 16.02. bis Montag, 19.02.2018 · Fachmesse für spanende Metallbearbeitung · Geschäftsbereich Rundtische

As Technologies are upgrading fast so in order to compete in the international market MachAuto-Expo has taken one step ahead by Presenting the 7th edition of MachAuto-Expo 2018 which is being organized at Ludhiana from 16th to 19th February 2018 at Glada Ground, Ludhiana. MachAuto-Expo focuses basically on Engineering Machinery, Machine Tools, Auto Parts, Hand Tools, CNC Machines and SPMs, Automation Technology and many more.

FIBRO GmbH, Geschäftsbereich Rundtische

Freitag, 16.02. bis Montag, 19.02.2018
Ludhiana, Indien