Traditional values and modern technology.
Our success is based on the enthusiasm, creativity and devotion of our employees. The trust and requirements of our customers determine our actions.

The competence regarding processes gained in the course of decades and reliable handling of projects as well as the quality of our products have made FIBRO a sought-after partner around the world when it comes to machinery, tooling and related equipment.


  • 1958 Founding of the company in Weinsberg; production of round precision parts
  • 1962 Plant in Haßmersheim; development of the FIBROTAKT indexing table with a face gear
  • 1969 Introduction of the FIBROTOR rotary table
  • 1972 Establishment of the Automation Division
  • 1973 Founding of FIBRO France, Paris
  • 1974 Joined the LÄPPLE Group of companies
  • 1975 Shipment of the ten thousandth FIBROTAKT table
  • 1977 Introduction of the FIBROPLAN rotary table
  • 1982 Founding of FIBRO Inc., USA, Rockford
  • 1983 Introduction of the gas spring to the tool making industry
  • 1989 CAD library for standard parts
  • 1990 Introduction of the planetary rotary indexing tables
  • 1996 Quality management system DIN EN ISO
  • 1998 Founding of FIBRO Asia, Singapore
  • 2002 Introduction of the FIBRODYN rotary indexing tables
  • 2004 GSA Automation becomes part of the FIBRO Group
  • 2007 Founding of FIBRO-GSA Automation GmbH; founding of FIBRO-GSA Ltd. Canada, Windsor; introduction of the FIBROMAX rotary table for heavy loads
  • 2008 50th anniversary of the FIBRO Group; Founding of FIBRO India, Pune  
  • 2012 Founding of the FIBRO Korea Co. Ltd.;
    Founding of the FIBRO (Shanghai) Standard Parts Co., Ltd. China
  • 2013 Opening of the new plant FIBRO INDIA
    40 years FIBRO France, location Schiltigheim, Alsace