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Our product range of over 40,000 articles meets almost all the demands of tool construction, mould making, and mechanical engineering. It extends from column mounts and guide elements to compression springs and gas springs, and finally to forming materials, casting resins, and other components that are used in peripheral tool construction.

These products are all laid out clearly in FIBRO's main catalog over approximately 1,000 pages, along with specifications and scale drawings wherever necessary. In order to meet our international customers' high quality expectations in this area as well, we publish the catalog in 9 languages: German, English, French, Italian, Spanish, Polish, Czech, Turkish, and Chinese.

The FIBRO catalog is updated annually and is always available for download (www. The print version, which comes in the form of a DIN A5 book, can be requested from our sales force, our representatives, or directly from FIBRO's sales department

En nuestra página de descargas tiene todos los catálogos de productos y folletos de productos como una descarga PDF a su disposición.

Tenga en cuenta que las principales normas de catálogo se divide en varias descargas individuales.

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