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These (three) new apps, like our - Safety APP, Standard Parts App, - 3D CAD App, offers you a mobil support that you can carry in your pocket.

Standard Parts and all the additional features, PDF online catalogs, 3D CAD files, FIBRO web shop connection and much more.

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The WPM system monitors temperature and pressure in gas springs. It consists of a data part and a sensor, which transmit wireless data to any designated Windows-based system. Custom software analyses the data and initializes the necessary process control and pre-emptive maintenance steps accordingly. FIBRO, with the WPM system for the fourth industrial revolution, provides a product and technology that supports concepts of intelligent processes and networked machines/tools.


  • Around-the-clock monitoring and documentation
  • Early warning signalling prevents the production of unacceptable parts.
  • Pre-emptive wear detection and targeted troubleshooting
  • Prevention of downtime and secondary failures
  • Minimisation of leakage points
  • Streamlined construction and assembly
  • Optimised maintenance intervals and reduction of maintenance and repair costs



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Check the authenticity of your FIBRO gas springs with the gas spring authenticity application. For your safety: Protection against product and brand piracy. Gas springs from FIBRO are high-quality and long-lasting products. They have been equipped with technical and safety-relevant features for years...


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In the individuell FIBRO online portal, we have CAD files, 2D or 3D CAD drawings and partsgroups in the most common CAD file formats available. The only thing you have to do, to use those convenient tools, is to sign in with your own login...


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Purchasing Standard parts is based on trust. These parts are used in the tool & die, mould and machine building industries. FIBRO Standard Parts are well known for their high accuracy and precision...