FIBRO - The Safer Choice

FIBRO pone la sicurezza e l'affidabilità al primo posto. Soprattutto se si tratta delle nostre molle a gas. Con le loro caratteristiche uniche nel campo della sicurezza, le molle a gas FIBRO sono le più sicure sul mercato.

FIBRO Safety Features

Designed for controlled gas venting through piston rods with integral safety stops and specially designed guides.

Over-Pressure Protection System

FIBRO Over-Pressure Protection System is designed to vent excessive gas pressure in a controlled manner.

Over-Stroke Protection System

FIBRO has a developed unique System. The cylinder wall is designed to deform in a predefined way, venting the internal gas pressure in a controlled manner.

Advice to Gas Spring Buyers

Safety should have always be a top priority. Therefore, we believe gas springs for metal forming tools should (unless the maximum allowable pressure PS is less than or equal to 0.5 bar) be ordered with the following safety requirements:

1) Piston rods with an integral safety stop.

2) Designed, produced and tested according to Pressure Equipment Directive, PED 97/23/EC for a minimum of 2’000’000 full cycles*:

  • at highest allowed charging pressure 
  • at highest allowed running temperature 
  • for all specified mounting methods**

** including top mount, Type C Flange Mounts, according to ISO 11901-2

Please Note: Unless the maximum pressure is less than or equal to 0.5 bar, all gas springs produced, sold, installed and/or used within the EU should be designed, produced and tested in accordance with PED 97/23/EC.

Pressure Vessel Approval

FIBRO Gas Springs are designed, produced and tested according to PED 97/23/EC for 2’000’000 full cycles* at the highest allowed charging pressure, the highest allowed running temperature, and for all specified mounting methods.

Please note!!!

The safety features mentioned here have not been realized for all FIBRO gas springs to date. By consulting the respective data sheets, please make certain you have the accurate safety standard of the gas spring available that you are interested in; otherwise, direct your inquiry to FIBRO GmbH.

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