True to our company slogan WE LOVE TECHNOLOGY, our brand campaign includes testimonials from members of staff in all business divisions of the LÄPPLE Group, explaining what they like about their jobs and why they love technology.

A total of 17 employees from all LÄPPLE companies took part in these sessions, including film recordings, photographs and interviews, which were held at various company locations. This has given us some striking images and videos in which our members of staff appear alongside the technology they work with on a daily basis. And in a series of interviews, our staff give an authentic insight into what the LÄPPLE Group does.

This cross-section of our company gives a real sense of just how diverse the LÄPPLE Group is and demonstrates that WE LOVE TECHNOLOGY is far from just a cliché – it is something that every member of staff lives and breathes. Alongside the videos and interviews of the staff, a making-of montage was created which gives a great behind-the-scenes view of the creative process.