Multi-axis combinations
Movement in modern production

Maximum productivity

Rotary tables bring movement into modern production. This applies all the more when they drive up plant productivity in combined form as NC multi-axis combinations. In addition to power, dynamics and precision, the tried-and-trusted FIBRO features of endurance and reliability in particular play a decisive role.

FIBRO standard multi-axis combinations have a modular design based on the extensive FIBRO range of construction components. The swivel axes are driven by FIBROPLAN rotary tables of different sizes powered by worm drives. Both FIBROPLAN rotary tables and, to optimise speed and acceleration, direct-drive FIBRODYN rotary tables are used for the finishing axis. The number of rotary tables on the finishing axis varies.

In addition to the standard models, FIBRO rotary tables in all series and models can be used for multi-axis combinations. When it comes to realising customised solutions, the special expertise of FIBRO engineers is as much in demand as the exceptional depth of production of the rotary table specialists. Numerous projects in a wide range of sectors around the globe demonstrate how significantly users are profiting from the high level of solutions expertise and the worldwide service network at FIBRO.

Highlights of the FIBRO multi-axis rotary table combinations

  • Standardised, modular range for fastest possible delivery times

  • As an additional finishing axis for maximum efficiency

  • Flexible positioning and finishing options for minimal changeover times

  • Finishing axis with worm drives for maximum rotary milling torques or direct drive options for maximum acceleration and the highest possible speeds

Multi-axis combinations
many combination options

FIBRO rotary tables of different types can by used for multi-axle combinations. Here is an excerpt of the many combination options

Variant Application A-axis B-axis(axes)
1 Metal-cuttingmachining FIBRODYN® with torque motor FIBRODYN® with torque motorcouple
2 Metal-cuttingmachining FIBROPLAN® with worm gear FIBRODYN® with torque motorcouple
3 Metal-cuttingmachining FIBROPLAN® with worm gear FIBROPLAN® with worm gear
4 Non-metal-cutting machining FIBROTOR® EM.NCwith roller worm gear FIBROTOR® EM.NC with roller worm gear



  • The setup of the rotary table is always the same – whether with torque or standard drive
  • Tailor-made, according to customer requirements
  • Use of the FIBRO standard modules

Advantages torque motor

  • No mechanical drive elements, thus less damage in case of collisions
  • No wear on the drive train
  • Higher speeds can be achieved
  • Short indexing times with low load

Advantages worm drive

  • Increased load torques can be applied
  • Short indexing times with heavy load
  • Higher speed values can be achieved with heavy load
  • No water cooling required


Multi-axis combinations