Steel Springs
to individual requirements

Steel Springs
DIN ISO 10243

We manufacture and supply special spiral compression springs, steel springs and spring elements for punching and metal forming technologies as well as diaphragm springs and spring shape elements.

The spring type used depends on the individual requirements. We have four load groups that can be used in either tool manufacture, engineering or in the construction of jigs and fixtures.

The permissible value of the shear stress and the spring oscillating stress differential depends on the spring material used. FIBRO special spiral compression springs are manufactured from 50CrV4. The specially milled profile allows a high level of alternating and continuous loads and is ready for operations at working temperatures of up to 250°C.

The portfolio contains the following sizes:

  • round cross section
  • square cross section
  • spring displacement from 30% to 100%
  • diameter 10 mm to 63 mm
  • lenght 25 mm to 305 mm