Extension of the spring technology
gas spring

Method of operating
of the Gas Spring

Compact gas springs represent a substantial step forward in spring technology and are also available for high-temperature environments. Apart from the stipulated Pressure Equipment Directive 2014/68/EU, some of our gas springs are equipped with additional safety features. "The Safer Choice" are unique safety advantages that include overstroke protection, overpressure protection and piston rod protection. This puts our spring among the safest on the market.

Wether reshaping, cutting or punching, nearly all renowned tool manufacturers rely on the versatility when using FIBRO gas spring. A gas spring is a self-contained receptacle, which is filled with nitrogen gas. A piston rod travels into the space and compresses the gas located inside. Because the gas wants to expand again, the piston rod is forced out at a defined force (force = pressure x surface).

Product range
of the gas springs

  • ISO Gas springs Standard
  • Gas springs with increased spring force - HEAVY DUTY
  • Gas springs with increased spring force and
    low build height – POWERLINE
  • Compact-Gas springs
  • Gas spring CX - COMPACT XTREME
  • Speed Control
  • Controllable Gas springs
  • Gas springs with reduced pressure increase
  • dampened LCF Gas springs
  • Parts lifter
  • dampened pressure plates
  • Composite plate systems
  • manifold systems
  • Compressed air spring compliant with VW standard
  • Wireless pressure monitoring (WPM) of gas springs

The program is supplemented by a wide range of Pressure plates, tube systems, fittings for gas filling, the compound arrangement and pressure monitoring instruments.

Gas Springs

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