2061.69./ 2081.69. Recirculating ball bush / Recirculating ball bush with collar

In addition to the existing ball guides, roller guides and Million Guide guide units, recirculating ball bushings are an excellent alternative for long travels with moderate loads.

Types of Recirculating ball bushes
Types of Recirculating ball bushes

Recirculating ball bushes are bearing guides without stroke limitation. This is achieved by circulating balls: the steel balls rolling in guide ways between the guide column and the bush are returned in the bush against the direction of movement and fed back to the guide ways.

The two different versions Recirculating ball bush (2061.69. .1) and Recirculating ball bush with collar (2081.69. .1) are optimally matched for the use of a large number of guide pillars from FIBRO (please note the information on the catalog sheet and the selection matrix). This enables the use in a variety of applications in machine and fixture construction, in production machines, in machine tools and of course in tool and mold making.