Heavy-Load Positioning Tables

A powerhouse with an extremely large center hole and very flat design at an optimum price — the FIBROMAT heavy-load positioning tables from FIBRO. When large and heavy fixtures have to be positioned dynamically and precisely, the FIBROMAT modular heavy-load positioning table is the optimum solution. It fits perfectly into automobile body in white, as the heart of work piece storages or in honing centers, for example. The maintenance-free rotary table with lifetime lubrication is driven by reliable spur gear drive.



Your application

  • For the dynamic and precise positioning of large and heavy fixtures and parts
  • For superstructural parts up to 9500 mm
  • Ideal for shell and welded design applications
  • Deployable as a setup station, large format pallet exchanger and for general handling tasks
  • Available as an NC or indexing variant

Your benefits

  • Heavy-duty positioning table with very large center hole and extremely flat design
  • Lubricated for life and maintenance free for highest process reliability
  • Perfect power cut and emergency stop behavior through drive with spur gear drive
  • Available with many additional options

Additional options

Second drive

  • for higher positioning accuracy and higher torque
  • Direct measuring system for highest positioning accuracy up to ±5"
  • Machine stand and adaptations, e.g., for the exchange of existing rotary tables

Expandable center hole of 200 mm

  • Indexing unit for increased positioning accuracy of ±15" for freely selectable angles
  • Position detection and over-travel protection
  • Media distributor and slip-ring transmitter
  • Special connecting dimensions and customer specific drilling templates for your individual use