Trust in competence
Technical support

  • Pre-assembly and tubing

Our technicians can quickly come directly to you upon your request. For instance, they can professionally integrate gas spring networks, controllable gas springs, and master-and-slave systems into your production facility. You are not required to identify or order the necessary installation equipment, such as hoses or fixtures. Instead, the technician will arrive with an adequate supply. And you've come to the right place if you're looking for good connections: FIBRO manufactures hoses according to DIN 20066 using the best-trained personnel.

  • Repairs

FIBRO repair service employees have received outstanding training and are equipped with everything they need to improve quality and ensure the shortest processing times. This guarantees that the repair of pneumatic and electromechanical transporters, electrical conveyors, gas springs and accessories, controllable gas springs, and master-andslave systems will run as smoothly as your operations.

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