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Select from an extensive product portfolio for presses and tool manufacture. Ball inserts, ball bars, roller inserts and roller bars for a quicker and easier changeof your tools. For the transportation of waste or parts, you can order conveyor belts with different drive types. Serveral motorised versions and one pneumatic version can be selected.

The pneumatically driven and patented transporter was designed as an effective and inexpensive solution for problems associated with the transport of parts and waste disposal. This systems - without any conveyor belt - conveyors only by means of vibration.

The electromechanical conveyor also works with vibration. Due to its great flexibility, the conveyor is an ideal solution, where short product cycles require frequent tool changes. The adjustments of waste disposal is quickly accomplished.

And if you wish to produce threads in a progressive die, then our FIBRO Form Thread Units may be of interest to you.