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WPM license registration

After successful registration, you as the customer will receive a valid license key for an initial period of two years from registration. This is used to fully activate the functionalities of the FIBRO gateway system.

After your license has expired, you can request a new license key >>HERE<<



License keys are always sent to the email address given during registration.


Registration is possible at any time, i.e. you as a customer can always use the FIBRO Gateway System with limited functionality and only register it later in order to obtain full functionality.


The identification number and license key may not be made available to third parties.

License registration

License functions

Function   Functional without a license
Configuration / read values:
· Current sensor values ​​
· Historical sensor values ​​
· Current status
· Current configuration of the data holder / sensors
Write configuration:
· Configure sensor / data holder
· Activate sensor / data holder
· Activate press mode via web interface
EtherCat interface   NO
Profinet interface   NO
DI / DO interface
· Outputs for the current status of the monitored data holder
· Activate press mode via input and "Login" button
· If limit values ​​are exceeded
· If future forecast limit values ​​are exceeded
Configure press mode filter
User administration
· Create new user
· Delete user
· Edit user
Permanent data storage of the received monitoring data for the defined period