designed to solve problems effectively and inexpensively.



The electrically driven and patented transporter has been constructed to provide effective and affordable solutions to problems in parts transport, waste disposal as well as parts sorting. This system conveys punched and waste parts out of the tooling area with a rhythmic movement in a straight line.

A specially designed guide channel which is screwed to the body of the conveyor vibrates rhythmically slowly forwards and fast backwards. The mass inertia of the parts is used to move them forwards. In this way the parts in the guide channel progress gently towards the storage containers.

Low energy consumption, infinitely variable speed control, simple automation, low noise (60 dB) and the absence of compressed air ensure high economic efficiency whilst improving the working environment.

Its main areas of application are conveying and separating solid materials in metal processing and the automotive sector. The additional "CLEAN LINE" product range can also be used in the food and pharmaceutical industries.

The electric transporter is always operated with the corresponding 2299.6X. control unit.


Integration with the PLC on the power press or production machine allows the programming of the transport time or shutdown of the press in the event of faults.