Downloads for FIBRO Chemical Tooling Aids

Tooling resins, metal adhesives, cleaner, penetration lubricant spray, leak detector spray, marking ink, release agent, oils and greases

Safety data sheet


Regulation (EC) No 1907/2006 specifies that the safety data sheets must be submitted in an official language of the Member State (s) in which the substances or preparations are placed on the market.

If you continue to distribute the products, you are obliged to pass on the information in the form of the safety data sheets to your customers.

You should also pass on the safety data sheets to all persons in your home who are responsible for occupational safety, health and environmental protection as well as for the handling of the products.


Order no. Description DE FR IT CZ
248.00.50 FIBROLIT® - Special oil      
FIBROLIT® - ZWO Tooling resin
FIBROFIX® - SECHS Tooling resin
280.05. Hardener for FIBROLIT® - ZWO Tooling resin
Hardener for FIBROFIX® - SECHS Tooling resin
280.131 FIBROLIT® - ARF Marking out blue      
280.15 FIBROLIT® - RL Penetration lubricant spray      
280.20 FIBROLIT® - LSP Leak Detector Spray      
280.23 FIBROLIT® - ARF Marking out blue      
280.24 / .24.1 Thinning agent for FIBROLIT® -ZWO
280.27 FIBROLIT® TW-Release agent      
280.35 FIBROLIT® - OEL-LD      
280.36.006 FIBROLIT® - Press tool lubricant UNIVIS N 32      
280.8001 LOCTITE® LB 8001 Oil      
280.8021 LOCTITE® LB 8021 Silicon oil      
280.822405 ACMOS 82-2405 Release agent      
281.01 FIBROLIT® - MK Metal adhesive, resin      
281.05 FIBROLIT® - MK Metal adhesive, hardener      
281.147-Härter LOCTITE® EA 3450 B HF twin syringe hardener      
281.147-Harz LOCTITE® EA 3450 A twin syringe resin      
281.243 LOCTITE® 243 Securing of screws      
281.270 LOCTITE® 2701 Securing of screws      
281.30 DEGREASER EM30+      
281.401 LOCTITE® 401 Adhesive      
281.454 LOCTITE® 454 Adhesive      
281.620.05 Coolant 281.620.05/.10./.50      
281.648 LOCTITE® 648 Adhesive      
281.706 LOCTITE® SF 7061 Cleaner