Customer-specific cam units

In many areas of toolmaking, cam units with purchased part are established as a low-cost standard. Standard solutions can be used for a wide range of applications thanks to a diversified range of cam unit series.

Complex component geometries, overlaps with mechanization devices or modified geometrical requirements on cam units do not permit the use of standard cam units in various cases. Cam units from FIBRO configured specifically for tools represent an alternative to the self-constructed cam units used here. This allows application-specific requirements to be combined with the advantages of cam units with standard purchase parts.

Take advantage of our expertise

FIBRO develops tool-specific cam units according to the same technical standards as the catalog cam units. By inquiring at an early stage, we can closely assist you in the development of tools, and you also have the option of designing an optimal solution for your application. Our tool-specific cam units means there is no longer any additional logistical effort required in your procurement processes as well as in parts supply in the workshop. The installation of the cam units configured specifically for tools corresponds to the process sequences of catalog cam units; assembly and tuning for a self-assembly cam unit are no longer required. The analytical design of these cam units is the basic prerequisite for smooth application over the intended life cycle of the cam unit. However, should undesirable wear occur during the tool life cycle, rapid supply of spare parts is ensured by the use of a maximum number of standard parts in the cam unit. Throughout the entire tool development and assembly process, as well as the entire service life of the cam unit, FIBRO is your expert contact for all your cam unit questions.

Features of customized cam units

Cam units from FIBRO configured specifically to tools generally have the same properties and qualities as our catalog cam units. We can create working widths of over 2000mm for you.

What is the process?

Told-specific cam units are used whenever a catalog cam unit cannot meet the requirements of the tool. These can be very simple changes, such as a widened working surface, but also very complex changes, such as completely offset cam unit components, multiple working surfaces, modified stiffnesses, etc.

Description of your requirements for the cam unit which are as exact as possible are the basis for targeted engineering of your tool-specific cam unit. In addition to the desired design principle (on which series your customer-specific slide will be based), we will also require a detailed description of changes. Alternatively, you have the option of describing your problem to us in the tool and providing us with design data from your tool (for example, component position, method plan, maximum possible space for the cam unit) as well as the tool environment (e.g. restrictions on mechanization devices). In this case, FIBRO can handle the entire engineering of the customer-specific cam unit for you.

Of course, you also have the option of sending us modified CAD data from our catalog cam units, from which we can then extract the properties of your tool-specific cam unit. The plausibility and feasibility test as well as the preparation for production with any technical modifications are made in our facility due to warranty reasons.

Normally, you will receive a CAD design draft of the tool-specific cam unit within 3 working days of your request. This will be in data format CATIA V5, or alternatively in the neutral exchange format STEP, and also include the article number associated with the cam unit. Using these, we can clearly assign further arrangements made in the course of the project, and they can be used to purchase the cam unit from us. At the same time the design is created, our sales department will work out an offer for you for the tool-specific cam unit.

The production detailing as well as the production of the tool-specific cam unit only occurs after you give a production go-ahead. After this production go-ahead, bigger changes such as, for example, a change in the cam unit angle are still only conditionally possible according to the progress of production, and at this point absolutely require an agreement with us. Changes after the production go-ahead may result in additional costs and delays in delivery.

If you have any additional questions, our technology and sales departments will be happy to assist you. For contact persons, see the “EMERGENCY SITUATION / Contacts”tab.


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