Pneumatic conveyors
particularly user-friendly


This pneumatic conveyor is unique and is patented. It was designed to provide an effective and affordable solution to the problems of conveying parts and disposing of waste. This beltless system conveys stampings and waste from the tool area by vibration alone.

A specially designed guide channel which is screwed to the body of the conveyor vibrates rhythmically slowly forwards and fast backwards. The mass inertia of the parts is used to move them forwards. In this way the parts in the guide channel progress gently towards the storage containers.

The conveyor is maintenance-free and has a very low air consumption so is extremely economical in operation. The pneumatic conveyor is quiet running and very user friendly.

The conveyor was originally designed for press shop use but can be used as a conveyor with any tool. Blockages are a thing of the past whether the conveyor is feeding parts for assembly or removing and disposing of stampings and waste parts.