The heart of FIBRO logistics is the 3,600-square-metre logistics centre in Hassmersheim, Germany. Almost all of the articles in the catalog are in stock there at all times. Additionally, a fourth of the warehouse space is dedicated to customerspecific parts. In order to ensure that all articles are in the right place at the right time, the logistics centre is equipped with a fully-automated high bay warehouse and state-of-the-art conveyance. The smooth flow of goods is supported by path-optimised order picking.

A shipment sorting system with a connected packing station guarantees optimum readiness for delivery for standard and special parts. And storage and retrieval using bar code recognition and simultaneous inventory posting provide additional speed and security. As a result, 2,300 picking orders, 500 parcel service shipments, 70 cargo shipments, and 5 air cargo shipments can be sent out and delivered to our customers on time every day.

Plant Hassmersheim

Business Unit Standard Parts

D-74855 Hassmersheim
T +49 6266 73-0
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